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SWG SPECIALTY: STERLON Legal Expense Insurance

If your client has insurance through South Western Group, the addition of Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) can provide them with affordable and timely access to legal services should they ever need to defend or pursue a lawsuit for the risks specified in the LEI policy.

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What You Should Know about Employment Litigation in Switzerland

In recent months we have been privileged to have sitting with us in our Labour & Employment team Anela Lucic, Employment attorney at leading Swiss commercial lawyers Vischer. After an eye-opening glimpse into English employment law and practice, here is Anela’s brief summary of the Swiss position.

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Legal Expense Insurance Picks Up Where Liability Coverage Leaves Off

Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) protects your clients from the potential legal fees and expenses associated with their unique business activities. Providing indemnity for costs such as these is what differentiates LEI when it comes to specified legal matters not generally covered by commercial or professional liability insurance.

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Legal expenses insurance assists with access to justice

Focus on Insurance law: Hasn’t become mainstream in Canada yet

The legal profession should renew its focus on legal expenses insurance as the product slowly but steadily gains traction in Canada, says the former head of the Canadian Bar Association’s access to justice committee.

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Canada slow off the blocks for ‘beneficial’ product

There is no reason for Legal Expense Insurance to be ‘slow off the blocks’ in Canada other than a reluctance by retail and wholesale brokers to embrace the concept. STERLON has been offering LEI solutions to insurance companies as well as retail and wholesale brokers in Canada since 1993, solutions which include add-on and standalone policies, endorsements and wordings designed specifically to be integrated as part of a portfolio of products and offered by wholesale brokers.

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Das reflects on 2016’s £17.4m loss

CEO Andrew Burke says business is now in “growth phase” of turnaround but admits that some job losses cannot be ruled out as it seeks to “rationalise expenses”.

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